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Diet plan to stay fit and healthy this Diwali

October 27, 2019 0

[ad_1] Since you will be consuming a whole lot of calories every time you gorge on Diwali feasts, you might want to consider balancing out the calories. Choose any one meal, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, […]

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What Is the Flexitarian Diet?

October 24, 2019 0

[ad_1] Even if you’ve read up on every last benefit of going vegetarian (it’s better for the planet, better for your health, and, of course, kinder to the animals), the idea of saying good-bye forever […]

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Types of Squash | Squash Health Benefits

October 19, 2019 0

[ad_1] What do pumpkins and butternut squash have in common? Beside their bright orange color, both are part of the winter squash family. There are more than a dozen winter squash varieties to choose from, […]

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House Call: Malnutrition Awareness

October 18, 2019 0

[ad_1] Good nutrition can help you prevent infections, heal faster, and feel stronger. That is why United Hospital Center (UHC) was an official ambassador of Malnutrition Awareness Week recently, and the only hospital in the […]