What you need to know about NDP’s party platform

NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has seen a significant surge in support for his personal leadership, while the party is promising to make life more affordable for Canadians, highlighting commitment to invest in a universal pharmacare program.

Here are some highlights from the NDP platform:



  • Create 500,000 units of affordable housing in the next ten years with $5 billion in additional funding in the first year and a half

  • Waive the federal portion of the GST/HST on the construction of new affordable rental units

  • Re-introduce 30-year terms to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation insured mortgages on entry-level homes for first time home buyers

  • Double the Home Buyer’s Tax Credit to $1,500

  • Put in place a Foreign Buyer’s tax on the sale of homes to individuals who aren’t Canadian citizens or permanent residents


  • Invest $10 million in expanding Medicare to include quality prescription drug coverage for everyone by late 2020

  • Regulate natural health products under stand-alone legislation

  • Support overdose prevention sites and expand access to treatment

  • Work towards a national school nutrition program

  • Develop national care standards for home care and long-term care


  • Funded national dementia strategy and an elder abuse prevention plan

  • Make the Canada Caregiver Tax Credit refundable

  • Put in place a one-year delay to help seniors at risk of having their Guaranteed Income Supplement benefits suspended for being unable to make the required income statement

Climate Change and Environment

  • Ensure that federal buildings use renewable energy and move the vehicle fleets of the federal government to electric by 2025

  • Produce more zero-emission vehicles in Canada building towards them being 100 per cent of new car sales by 2040

  • Waive the federal sales tax on zero-emission vehicle purchases and grow incentives up to $15,000 per family for made-in-Canada vehicles

  • Set a net carbon-free electricity by 2030 and move to 100 per cent non-emitting electricity by 2050

  • Fulfill Canada’s G-20 commitment to eliminate these fossil fuel subsidies and redirect these funds to low carbon initiatives

  • Ban single-use plastics across Canada

  • Protect 30 per cent of land, freshwater, and oceans by 2030

Immigration and Refugees

  • End the cap on applications to sponsor parents and grandparents

  • Give caregivers brought to Canada status and allow them to reunite with their families without delay

  • Suspend the Safe Third Country agreement with the U.S.

Child care

  • Introduce legislation that enshrines Canada’s commitment to high-quality, public child care in law

  • Invest $1 billion in child care in 2020 and grow that investment annually


  • Tougher penalties in the Conflict of Interest Act

  • Prohibit government officials from accepting donations from anyone whose private interest could be benefited by their decisions

  • Launch an independent public inquiry into Justin Trudeau’s actions in the SNC-Lavalin scandal

  • Work with the provinces towards abolishing the Senate

  • Lower the voting age to 16

  • Bring in a mixed-member proportional representation electoral system

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