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KEARNY, NEW JERSEY, USA, October 7, 2020 / — It’s hard not to get overwhelmed right now. But when you’re heading to a spot of despair, frustration, or hopelessness, The Best Life Tribe has your back. The Best Life Tribe is for people on a journey to better health and life.

Dawn Fitch has helped thousands of women in the past three years change their lives and their perspectives on beauty, mental health, and weight loss. Dawn started the community as a way to share her health and wellness expertise in a positive way with women who looked like her.

“Everybody deserves to live their best life. Let’s do it together and have some fun,” said Dawn. “Life is always better when you take time for self.”

Dawn didn’t always take time for herself. Her mindset changed when doctors diagnosed her with multiple sclerosis. Dawn started paying more attention to the labels on the beauty products she used and noticed the alarming number of chemicals involved in the production of these everyday products.

She knew something had to change in order to improve her health. She started living a more holistic life. One of her first steps was to make her own bath and body products where she could control what was mixed in. That journey helped Dawn understand the importance of natural healing and holistic lifestyles. She wanted to share that expertise with other women suffering from emotional and physical turmoil. She started a Facebook group, which quickly grew to be a safe space for nearly 5,000 members. The tribe shares ideas for better mind and body health.

“Our community is a positive, drama-free, and encouraging space. It’s a place for tribe members to feel great about their upcoming days and their life overall,” said Dawn. “From health, wellness, fitness, or beauty, we are on a quest to naturally feel great.”

In October 2020, Dawn is launching a five-week course to help members reclaim 2020 from the craziness it has become. Some of the topics include setting your intentions, self-care, and moving stagnant energy through breath and laughter. The course will have lots of exciting special guests to be announced soon.

“The wellness journey is one filled with ups and downs,” said Dawn. “We are not pushing for perfection. A best life is one of balance.”

About Dawn Fitch

Dawn Fitch has established herself as a premier voice in the health and wellness space. She is the founder and CEO of the multi-million dollar, handmade bath and body company, Pooka Pure and Simple, and a highly sought after speaker. Learn more.

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